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Go outside to go within

Retreat your Self away to the Cuyama Badlands. Step outside of your every day routine and immerse yourself in your yoga practice on the top of a plateau overlooking the Los Padres Mountains. A recent scientific study shows what everyone already knows and feels – that spending time in nature dramatically reduces stress and creates an anti-inflammatory response in the body. Connecting with ourselves, our bodies and the great outdoors are key to achieving optimal wellbeing. Tune yourself to nature and align yourself with the inherent wisdom that is within us all--- go outside to go within!

This experience will include:

• Full Access to the Speakeasy Lodge

• Camping (with full bathroom and shower facilities)

• Gourmet vegan/vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner

• 5 yoga/pranayama/meditation classes (with Adam Gericke)

• Intuitive crystal ceremony and make your own crystal jewelry              (with Hanna.La Handmade)

• Two sessions of 432hz sound healing (with Torkom Ji)

In just three days of immersive practice, you will watch yourself start to break through limiting beliefs and patterns. This weekend will help you to reset and realign your body, mind, and spirit.

Return from this trip with the tools to continue a daily mediation practice, yoga philosophy, connection to your self and like minded people, a deeper yoga practice, reduced stress and wellbeing, and memories.

What to bring - tent/bedding (optional sleeping in lodge upon request), 1 gallon water, personal toiletries/towel, flashlight, yoga mat, openess

****Reduced price of $400 until May 12 via fee free Venmo payment to @adam-gericke

- please leave email in venmo payment to recieve confirmation and welcome packet


***About the Speakeasy Lodge:

This Lodge, made by hand using the local indigenous materials, sits 300 feet above & overlooks the valley floor of Cuyama. A large fire ring is just off the porch looking across the valley where the sun sets into the Pacific behind the Los Padres mountains. Features of the lodge include an indoor kitchen, bathrooms, showers, running potable water, indoor eating, meditation lounge, hiking trails from the facility, wildlife watching, and a view of the stars to behold.

About Adam Gericke:

       Adam is a hatha vinyasa yoga instructor living in Los Angeles, CA. He offers group and private instruction in vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, breathe (pranayama), mantra, and meditation. If he's not practicing or teaching yoga, you can find him hiking southern california, hanging with his husband Blake and dog Frances, or making music behind his computer. Yoga has taught him how to live creatively and fully in each moment, and this is something he loves to share with his students and everyone he meets. He teaches people to dive deep within themselves to open up to the fullest potential life has to offer. Expect traditional yoga techniques rooted in yoga philosophy, but taught in a current and applicable way.


About Torkom Ji:

       Torkom is a sound designer and electronic music producer from Los Angeles. He has been facilitating group sound healing experiences since the summer of 2012, and has provided deep meditation and rejuvination for thousands of people using his unique and powerful modality. Birthed from his studies of music, vibration, energy and the practice of meditation and martial arts; Torkom has mastered and perfected a system that is known to put people in very deep states of consciousness, with little to no effort. His instrumentation is tuned to the 432Hz tuning which has been known to have profound effects of ones mind, and physiology. Through the natural movement of these sounds, deep rest is achieved and the bodies own intelligence facilitates an elevated level of healing, and negative waste removal. Noticable effects are said to have been felt for up to 5 days.

About Hanna.La Handmade:

        Hanna Ketai is a Detroit-born, Los Angeles-made crystal jewelry designer. Throughout the ages, crystals have been known to have healing properties, and people have worn crystal jewelry as far back as the Stone Age. Besides their obvious decorative function, they were also said to protect their wearers against harm, heal them and help them see into the future. Gemstones and crystals carry the same power today. The stones and crystals used in Hanna.LA jewelry can boost your energy, clean your space, attract wealth, enhance your intuition, increase your mental abilities, boost your confidence, bring abundance and even attract love.

****Reduced price of $400 until May 12 via fee free Venmo payment to @adam-gericke

- please leave email in venmo payment to recieve confirmation and welcome packet